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Will Extractions with Braces Leave You Feeling Ugly?

famous people who have done orthodontic treatment

Kenilworth, IL – The role of an orthodontist is to create a beautiful, healthy, smile housed in a bite that functions properly. It’s a delicate balance that involves scientific and careful planning. In some instances, this planning includes extracting teeth to allow for the remaining teeth to move properly to create the best result. Some people may be afraid that extracting teeth may be accomplishing the opposite of what they hope to achieve. Orthodontic treatment creates a prettier smile, but won’t removing healthy teeth do just the opposite? Not so, says Dr. Michael Stosich of iDentity Orthodontics. “Some people mistakenly believe that tooth...

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Can Orthodontics Help an Impacted Tooth?

impacted tooth and orthodontics

Kenilworth, IL – Orthodontic issues that require treatment come in many forms. We often think of issues such as underbites, overbites and spacing issues, but impacted teeth can affect the function of a person’s smile. But what exactly are impacted teeth, and how can orthodontics help?

“Impacted teeth are teeth that are not able to fully erupt because they are blocked from doing so,” says Round Lake orthodontist, Dr. Michael Stosich. “The impacted tooth is unable to push through the gums, often due to a spacing issue, and discomfort, as well as issues with how the bite is able to function, can occur.”

Can I Choose My Orthodontic Treatment?

choosing treatment option

Kenilworth, IL – Orthodontic treatment is a big step that requires careful consideration and research to choose the best provider for you. When entering into orthodontic treatment, it’s important to choose an experienced provider who can offer the very best in treatment. But it’s also important to choose one who views patients as partners in care, who answers questions and addresses concerns and understands your smile goals.

Is Orthodontic Treatment the Latest Pandemic Trend?

Orthodontic Treatment the Latest Pandemic Trend

Round Lake, Il – The pandemic has altered much of our lives. Daily personal interactions have been replaced by Zoom calls and seeing ourselves on a screen for hours out of our days can have us looking at ourselves in a new light. Little flaws we may not have thought bothered us may begin to creep up more, and with more time on our hands, this may be the ideal time to do something about them.

Could You Benefit from MSE Mini-Screw Expansion?

MSE Mini Screw Expander

Kenilworth, IL – A narrow upper jaw is a very common issue that orthodontic patients of all ages can face. Younger patients have the benefits of a jaw that is still growing, so orthodontists can work to expand the still-growing jaw. For these patients, their upper jaw hasn’t fused together yet, so a palatal expander can easily widen the upper jaw. But what happens in older patients who do not have this benefit? In the past, the answer was usually surgery, utilizing a more invasive procedure called surgically assisted rapid palatal expansion to correct their jaws. Today, however, maxillary skeletal expanders...

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Trust Your Smile to the Best Trained Orthodontists

Best Trained Orthodontists

Kenilworth, IL – Our world is full of new and exciting technologies, and we see these technologies advancing on an almost daily basis. Technology can improve our lives in many ways and can help us streamline our lives. However, some orthodontic offices may offer hyped up claims about AI technology and computer monitoring being able to provide superior treatment. Dr. Michael Stosich warns us not to get caught up in these claims.

Orthodontic Solutions for Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea

Kenilworth, IL – Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder, affecting nearly 12 million Americans, that can have serious impacts on a patient’s life. Sleep apnea is characterized by sudden stoppages in breathing during the night. This may be accompanied by loud snoring and patients often wake up feeling tired, even after a full night’s rest.

How Long Will My Teen’s Orthodontic Treatment Take?

Orthodontic Treatment for Teens

Grayslake, IL – For any orthodontic patient, one of the most commonly asked questions is “How long will my treatment take?” This isn’t something we can pinpoint precisely before treatment begins, but we can provide you an estimate for how long we expect treatment to take. But the length of treatment depends on a few things.