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What Are Bollard Miniplates?

Bollard Miniplates

Some orthodontic patients present very severe deformities that require more extensive work than just braces treatment to correct. But under the expert care of Dr. Michael Stosich, no matter how extensive your malocclusion may be, there is an excellent treatment option waiting for you to give you the smile of your dreams.

Should I Be Paying $1000 for a Vibrational Device?

Do I want Acceledent



Should I Be Paying $1000 for a Vibrational Device?

Dr. Michael Stosich is exceptionally qualified to discuss the application of vibratory technology in orthodontics. That’s because he worked in the lab where the studies were conducted on the viability of vibrational forces to accelerate orthodontic treatment. And here are the simple facts:

Accelerated Tooth Movement – Busting the Myths

Acceledent Busting the Myths

Audio Version: Listen to the audio version of this blog post below:

AcceleDent, Does It Really Work?